Let the Adventure Begin!

Before submitting an inquiry for our day trip, please read the information below about this tour:

  • This tour is an intermediate backpacking trip. This excursion is not for everyone. Prior to booking a tour, customers should be able to complete the following caliber hike, two days in a row:

    • 6 miles

    • 2,000 vertical feet

    • Carrying a 30 pound pack

  • Individuals unable to meet this physical requirement will not be allowed to partake in the tour for trip timing and safety reasons, both for themselves and the group as a whole

  • For those unable to meet the physical demands of this trip at the current time, please either consider our rentals, or let us know and we can recommend a training plan to prepare you for a future booking of our overnight tour

  • Generally, our overnight tours run from mid-June to mid-October each year due to limitations from snow

  • For those unfamiliar, the Cascade Mountains receive a lot of annual snowfall and our overnight tour requires us to wait until the snow has melted off the road to the trailhead and the designated camping areas. Because of this, our season is dictated by the year’s snowfall and rate of snow melt. Some years we can start in early June, and other years we have to wait to start our tours until mid-July. The same goes with the end of the season. When the snow starts falling in the mountains in autumn, our tour season comes to an end. Sometimes this happens in early October, other times we can run tours until the beginning of November

  • That said, for those booking tours from in the months of June, July, and October, please keep this in mind that certain dates may not work due to current environmental factors

  • Please see the details in our booking calendar for the most up-to-date information on when our overnight tours will be running this year

  • In order to properly accommodate each guest, a minimum of a seven (7) day’s heads-up is required for bookings of this overnight trip

    • For the highest likelihood of guaranteeing a booking, please reach out to us or book as far out as possible

    • For those looking for bookings within a week’s timeline, please consider our day tour or rentals instead, as they can accommodate shorter lead times

If all this checks out, please provide us with your information for this first-of-its-kind adventure by filling out the form below.


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We’ll take a look at everything and get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, stay adventurous!